Gill Read

Counselling for Caregivers

I am a Counsellor for Carers, Caregivers and anyone who has found themselves caring for someone else. Please browse my website and see if what I offer could help you.

About Gill

I am a counsellor whose main work is supporting people who have found themselves in a caring role. This may be for a spouse, parent, relative or friend. I started work in the voluntary sector in 1990, gaining many skills invaluable to my counselling work. I was a Services Manager for Alzheimer’s Society for seven years until I left to set up my own service for people living with dementia in 2018. 

What I Do

Counselling for caregivers

I am a counsellor offering high quality, specialised counselling to anyone who has found themselves as a Carer, Caregiver of just feel like they are in a caring role. This may be for a spouse, parent, relative or friend.

Other Counselling

I am a Registrant Member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and a member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).

How My Counselling Sessions Work

Telephone sessions are where we set a date and time and I call you and your counselling is done on the telephone. Online sessions are done on a platform called Zoom. We are face to face via our screens. Face to face sessions are done in person in my counselling room, on the outskirts of Worcester. 

Counselling sessions last for up to one hour each time. Most people have a session weekly but some people have less frequent sessions.

Why Work With Me

You will be in safe hands

I am a qualified, professional and conscientious Counsellor.

I have an inside understanding

I have been in a caring role myself and understand the impact this can have

I'm a specialist

I am experienced in counselling and supporting Carers and Caregivers

Unlock my expertise

I am knowledgeable about what you may be facing and can suggest practical solutions to support you

Client Testimonials

"Counselling for Caregivers is a fantastic service. My mum has Alzheimer’s disease and Gill has helped me so much coping with my emotions. Such a good listener and a wealth of knowledge of dementia. Gill has been a god send helping me with tips for mum and supporting me at such a very rewarding but sometimes difficult time. Thank you Gill, you are amazing."
"Gillian has been helping me through a difficult period of my life dealing with a parent with cognitive impairment. Counselling has helped me feel understood and supported, and her practical tips and advice on how to communicate with my parent and deal with everyday challenges have been invaluable. She has also helped me work through the difficult emotional challenges I'm experiencing."
"I never thought I would need a counsellor. But dementia is a destructive force for the sufferer’s nearest and dearest. I had to talk to someone about the corrosive impact Alzheimer’s was having on me and my family. Gill turned out to be the perfect listener, with great patience. Initially, I only wanted to vent my frustration and have a good rant at an unfair world. Gill, with a lifetime of experience in dealing with every imaginable aspect of dementia, gave me the time and space to come to terms with my all-too-common experiences...
...She has listened with compassion and empathy, and never been judgmental. Her knowledge of how the system (the NHS, Social Services, Care Homes and the Department of Work and Pensions, etc) works has meant that she can point me in the right direction when required. She has empowered me into making decisions that I would otherwise have found next to impossible. Maybe even she doesn’t realise the enormity of the support she has provided. Importantly, I know that everything I tell her will be treated with absolute discretion and confidentiality."

Contact me to start your journey...

Sometimes it’s tricky to make sense of what is happening but with someone onside to listen and understand, things can begin to settle down and improve.